Gyughi Lavash, Village Lavash

With special life we should speak about lavash produced by the company "Erevan food combine" which has got its name Gyughi Lavash not incidentally. Here lavash is produced by the old Armenian traditional receipt, and in the receipt which is known by all of us is especially notable the absence of yeast. The lavash without yeast is helpful for health, besides it has aroma and taste of exceptional delicacy.

The returning to the traditional version of lavash baking was quite available nowadays as well and the general manager of the company "Erevan food combine" Tovmas Grigoryan used that opportunity. He wanted our population to add exclusively healthful and harmless bread to their nutrition. The entrance of this bread to the market was unbelievable for most. However, Tovmas Grigoryan believed in his idea, and, of course, he wan’t wrong. This bold step of the company Talgrig gave its fruits. In 2009 the company Talgrig was recognised the First Prize Winner in the Award Ceremony The Best Brand of the Year with its product of pastry PASTA IMPERIA. And at that time the Gyughi Lavash was added to the list of products of the company "Erevan food combine". Just in the awards ceremony of 2009 was expressed clear expectations about that in the award ceremony of 2010 the Gyughi Lavash which had just entered into production will deserve the same reward. During only a year this bread was deservedly estimated by the population. Then, as it was expected, it became the First Prize Winner in the Award Ceremony the Best Brand of the Year of 2010.

“Lavash for khash” produced by the company "Erevan food combine" is a irreplaceable for eating both khash and soup…


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