The corresponding technologies, large production capacity and the availability of innovative capabilities enable the company «Yerevan Food Factory» to provide to the market high quality flour at available prices, due to which "Erevan food combine" became one of the leading companies in the sale of wheat and flour and in the production of flour. 

It should be noted that the company produces flour in 1 and 2 kg paper bags, as well as in 5, 10, 25, 50 kg larger texture bags.

The trade mark "Imperia" of the company "Erevan food combine" is well known among housekeepers today.

Many thank calls directed to the office of the company, the number of which is regularly being increased, inspire both the management and the workers of "Erevan food combine". And just the high valuation of consumer is criteria for the company "Erevan food combine". However after having deserved the high valuation of clients, the company is not satisfied with the achieved, but continues its way of development expecting to satisfy its consumer.


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