"Erevan food combine" FOOTBALL

The president of the company "Erevan food combine" is a great football fan. He not only likes to watch the world's number one sport, but also likes to play football, driving an active sports life. The great interest and love towards football made him create an amateur team in 2002 and take part in various football championships. 

After the success of "Erevan food combine" team, Tovmas Grigoryan decided to pass from amateur level to creation of professional club.  He founded the "Talgrig" futsal team, which began to play within the frameworks of Armenian championships. In the result, the "Erevan food combine" team entrance to our country championship significantly increased the interest in this sport. In 2003 this newly formed team led an equal battle with three other powerful teams like "Phoenix", "Polytechnic" and was "Tsalkut".

During the championship of 2004-2005’s "Erevan food combine" team players became the winner of the Republic and got the right to represent our country in the tournament of Futsal Champions. 

At the initial stage of group tournament held in London, for "Erevan food combine" the last meeting of group tournament was not decisive, though the English «White bears» won the game with 2:1 score. Nevertheless, in this stage of group tournament "Erevan food combine" took the first place and got the right to play in the second qualifying round, where our competitors were the Portuguese "Benfica", Cyprus "Ararat" and Hungarian "Aramise". "Benfica" at that time was one of the best European football teams and according to the experts, the Portuguese would have won the "Erevan food combine" team players with two-digit score.  But what happened at the playground, surprised everyone. 

The missed goal within the first minutes did not overwhelm our champion, and the "Erevan food combine" went ahead due to Grigor Kapoukranyan’s two shot goals. In the second part of the game powerful "Benfica" equalized the score and 40 seconds before the game ended, the 2:2 score was seen on the scoreboard. Nevertheless, the Portuguese team could «take» the victory, but our team demonstrated its best.

It should be noted that "Benfica" smashed its rivals with 8:0 and 10:0 score in the next two games. Whereas the "Talgrig" team the next two matches ended in a draw after that hard game. These games will remain as a high rating matches in the history of Armenian footsal, where the quality and the organization of those games were at first place 

In addition to champion title "Erevan food combine" has twice won the Armenian Championship Cup. In 2004-2005’s Armen Gyulambaryan, the "Erevan food combine" striker, became the author of 111 goals and was recognized as the best striker in Europe.

Today "Erevan food combine" team players are play in other Armenian football teams. The core of "Erevan food combine" has paused to take part at footsal tournaments, but many people are looking forward to its return.


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